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Video: Ex-kickboxer & Bellator fighter Joe Schilling in violent barroom confrontation

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The former GLORY Tournament champion and Bellator fighter appears to knock out a man in viral video.

Joe Schilling knocks out man in a bar. Video via Twitter.
Joe Schilling knocks out man in a bar. Video via Twitter.

Former GLORY Tournament champ and Bellator middleweight Joe Schilling was involved in a recent dispute at a bar that was caught on video. It went exactly how you’d expect a kickboxer/mma fighter vs. drunk dude to go.

From what is seen on the video, it’s not quite clear why the situation escalated so quickly. The other man in the video appears to be gesturing wildly in the pub when Schilling tries to get by. Schilling nudges him aside, prompting the man to do the ole’ middle school flinch test. And game over. Schilling unleashes a brutal right hand, sending the man crashing to the floor unconscious.

Schilling took to social medial, calling it a “life-threatening experience” while adding a pretty loaded hashtag at the end.

The video doesn’t show what might have prompted such a violent response, but without knowing what, if anything, was said, it’s hard to speculate.

Schilling was denied his license to fight last year before his scheduled bout with Curtis Millender for Bellator 249. He was subsequently released from the promotion soon after. Bloody Elbow will keep you posted with further details as they become available.