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UFC fighter who lost entire pay check betting on fight says he has ‘no regrets’

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Justin Jaynes lost a reported $25,000 at UFC Vegas 30.

Justin Jaynes lost to Charles Rosa by unanimous decision of Saturday’s UFC Vegas 30 at the UFC APEX. The fight, which was buried deep on the undercard, held more interest than most thanks to Jaynes’ claim that he bet $25,000 on himself to win.

That amount represented what Jaynes stood to earn in show and win money for the contest. Jaynes, who is now 1-4 in the UFC, is also likely to lose his spot in the promotion off the back of that loss.

Despite all this, Jaynes—who told those concerned about his bet that he ‘doesn’t give a fuck’ last week—took to social media to argue that he has “no regrets”.

After the UFC’s Lando Vannata wrote on Instagram “Justin regretting everything right now”, Jaynes fired back: “That’s the difference between u an I. No Regrets, I’d do it again.”

“I said it before the fight and I’ll say it again. I was prepared for all outcomes,” said Jaynes in a later tweet. “If anyone thinks me losing this bet is going to break me they are sadly mistaken.”

Jaynes has been with the UFC since last year. His debut, on Fight Island, was an impressive 41 second KO of Frank Camacho.

Two months after that fight he lost, via submission, to Gavin Tucker. Four months after that he lost, via TKO, to Gabriel Benitez. This February he was beaten by Devonte Smith, due to a doctor stoppage over a badly swollen eye.