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Jones says move to heavyweight ‘is a serious process’, will be back when he’s ‘good and ready’

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Jon Jones says becoming a heavyweight is serious business and that he’ll be back when he’s good and ready.

Jon Jones Body Language Breakdown

There’s still no word on when — or if — Jon Jones will return to the UFC but the pound-for-pound king posted a Tweet on Thursday in which he teased that he’ll be back when he’s good and ready.

Jones said the move to heavyweight is a ‘serious process’ and is optimistic about his debut despite UFC president Dana White claiming that ‘Bones’ will never compete for the heavyweight title.

“I know lots of them do, that’s why I’m not going to allow anyone to rush me. Becoming a heavy weight is a serious process. Not many people understands what it takes to do it the right way. I’ll be back when I’m good and ready.”

“It would definitely hurt my speed and cardio if I was to try and rush the process. Achieving greatness isn’t something that’s done overnight, it takes patience and consistency sometimes. Right now my biggest fight is in the gym day by day. Getting more gold will come later.”

Jones was expected to make his heavyweight debut against current champ Francis Ngannou but White, the UFC’s longtime promoter, seems to determined to stall the matchup indefinitely. White insists that Derrick Lewis will challenge ‘The Predator’ for the title despite virtually no one in the MMA sphere wanting to see that matchup over Jones vs. Ngannou.

Jones recently changed management and brought in former Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer in an effort to advance negotiations but, as of writing, we’re still no closer to a timeline for his return.

The JacksonWink product has been shelved for over a year now and hasn’t fought since his controversial decision win over Dominick Reyes at UFC 247, which saw Jones retain — and later vacate — the light heavyweight title.