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UFC’s Strickland strikes BJJ champ in grappling session, lashes out over ‘dirty move’ - Video

UFC welterweight Sean Strickland took exception to what he called a ‘dirty move’ at a recent training session.

UFC fighter Sean Strickland threw a forearm and kick at training partner Orlando Sanchez.
UFC fighter Sean Strickland threw a forearm and kick at training partner Orlando Sanchez.
Just DeWitte / YouTube

Things got heated at a training session at the Team RVCA gym in Costa Mesa recently when UFC headliner Sean Strickland grappled with BJJ ADCC world champion Orlando Sanchez. With head coach Jason Parillo looking on the grappling session almost turned into a fight when Strickland took exception to a move Sanchez tried to pull off.

Check the video of this incident below to see what happened and how both men reacted:

The video shows that after some battling for underhooks on the feet, Sanchez yanked at one of Strickland’s arms. Strickland immediately broke away and cursed out Sanchez while hitting him with a spinning chop to the chest. Still agitated, Strickland then kicked Sanchez.

“Oh you motherfucker! What the fuck?!” yelled Strickland, followed by: “Why bro? Why? Why? Get away from me. Get away. Bro, what the fuck man? Why dude?”

Sanchez pleaded his innocence, asking simply “what?”

Strickland then told him that “you fucking know what you did.” Sanchez argued that he was going for a standing armbar and that there’s nothing wrong with that. Strickland disagreed, calling it a “dick move”.

“How the fuck is it a dick move, it’s grappling?!” cried Sanchez.

“I’ve got a fucking fight coming up dude and you’re trying to hyper-extend my arm,” replied Strickland, who is due to face Uriah Hall in his first ever main event at UFC Vegas 33 on July 31.

“Let’s be honest... that’s dirty bro, we all know that’s dirty,” added Strickland.

Eventually tempers cooled enough that the pair tried to resume grappling. However, it didn’t take long for Strickland to breakaway from Sanchez again and declare he was done with the session. Strickland then made his way out of the cage, still arguing with Sanchez.

On the way out the gym Strickland warned Sanchez about “running his mouth.”

Strickland is currently riding a four fight win streak with victories over Nordine Taleb, Jack Marshman, Brendan Allen and Krzysztof Jotko. A former KOTCK middlweight champion, Strickland has been with the UFC since 2014.