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Colby Covington: Kamaru Usman would prefer ‘alien invasion’ than title rematch

“He’s just hoping some alien invasion happens where he can pick some other lightweight washout to fight.”

Colby Covington says Kamaru Usman would prefer aliens to invade earth than put his welterweight title up for grabs again in a title rematch.

Covington has apparently already signed his name on the dotted line but says Usman, the defending champion, is avoiding him at all costs and is desperately looking for a way out of the fight.

“They’re just waiting on Marty,” Covington said on a recent episode of What the Heck. “Ever since he beat that fragile dude, ‘Street Judas’ [Jorge] Masvidal, he’s been running. But he just found out there’s nowhere left to hide. He’s going to have to face being inside that octagon sooner than later.”

“So as soon as his balls stop shrinking and he comes back to earth, he can fight me again. But the thing is, he’s off the grid. He’s probably got his phone on airplane mode, he’s denying all the UFC’s calls. He doesn’t want to sign the contract. He’s just hoping some alien invasion happens where he can pick some other lightweight washout to fight.”

Covington, 33, lost to Usman via fifth-round TKO in their first welterweight outing at UFC 245 but maintains that he would have won the fight if not for referee Marc Goddard issuing what he feels was a premature stoppage.

“Dana has quadrupled, 10-time downed on it, this is the fight that everybody wants to see,” Covington said. “‘Edward Scissorhands’ already fought Marty Juiceman and it wasn’t even competitive. He lost every single round. I beat Marty two, three rounds out of that fight, and I was probably going on to beat him if Marc Goddard didn’t save his life.”

‘Chaos’ reportedly suffered a broken jaw in that fight but bounced back with a fifth-round TKO victory of his own against former welterweight champ and future UFC Hall of Famer Tyron Woodley at UFC Fight Night 178.

UFC president Dana White has confirmed Covington as Usman’s next opponent but the rematch has yet to be finalized.

Bloody Elbow will keep you updated as this story develops.

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