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Video: Chris Weidman back in gym just seven weeks out from devastating leg break

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Chris Weidman is back in the gym just seven weeks removed from his devastating leg break at UFC 261.

Chris Weidman is on his way to a speedy recovery.

The former UFC middleweight champion is already back in the gym following his devastating leg break against Uriah Hall at UFC 261, which took place just over seven weeks ago at VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida.

Weidman posted a video on Instagram where he was seen lightly sparring at Gym-O gym in Gastonia, North Carolina. He posted the video with the following encouraging message.

“I woke up yesterday with no plans on getting back in the gym. I just started driving again and was feeling good, so I said to my self I’m going to drive to the gym and try to hit the bag. I figured I would probably last a minute and then have to rest and elevate my leg, but I think the excitement carried me through. Once I got there and saw some of my guys, I couldn’t resist asking to do some drills and then eventually ‘spar’ kinda. Felt soooooo good to be back.”

Weidman. who suffered a complete fracture to his right leg after Hall checked the very first leg kick of their fight, underwent surgery in April and — touch wood — could return to the octagon as early as next year. ‘All-American’ is currently ranked #12 in the UFC middleweight rankings.