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UFC 263 video: Terrence McKinney gets seven-second KO, then injures himself

Watch promotional newcomer Terrance McKinney swiftly knockout Matt Frevola in in just seven-seconds on the UFC 263 undercard.

On the UFC 263 early prelims, Terrance McKinney pulled off a sensational knock out of Matt Frevola in just seven-seconds. It was a superbly placed jab-cross that sat down Frevola, and then a couple of vicious followup ground strikes was all the referee needed to see to intervene. What’s crazy is the fact that Terrance just fought for LFA only eight days ago. What’s even more crazy is the fact that McKinney badly injured his knee during his post-fight celebration by jumping off of the top of the Octagon ands landing weird. Despite pulling a Jonny Walker, McKinney has made his UFC Debut with authority! Also, the broadcast stated that Terrance just set the lightweight record for fastest finish in UFC history.

Check out Tim Burke’s play-by-play of Terrance McKinney icing Matt Frevola in just seven-seconds:

Terrance McKinney vs. Matt Frevola, Round 1

McKinney with a straight left that drops Frevola immediately! He jumps him and finishes him in no time! Holy hell! He then jumps on the cage and comes down and I think he blew out his knee! Whoa! That was an eventful 10 seconds!

Terrance McKinney defeated Matt Frevola via KO (strikes), :07 of round 1