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‘I like being a big boy’ - Jon Jones shows off speed at heavyweight

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Jon Jones showed off some heavyweight speed in his latest gym video.

Jon Jones Body Language Breakdown

Though a heavyweight debut fight for Jon Jones doesn’t seem to be on the horizon, that hasn’t stopped the multiple time former UFC light heavyweight champion from working hard in the gym.

As of late his Instagram account has been filled with videos tracking his progress of bulking up and getting ready to compete in the UFC’s largest division. His latest upload is all about speed.

Check it out below:

“I think I like being a big boy,” wrote Jones under a video of him attacking a fast moving treadmill. Despite increasing his bulk it seems like ‘Bones’ still has plenty of quickness. If he is able to retain anything close to his speed at 205 lbs then he would likely have a decent advantage in that department versus anyone the UFC can throw at him in heavyweight.

Since announcing the move up to heavyweight Jones has been resolute in not accepting anything less than a title shot. The current champion, Francis Ngannou, is also hoping to face Jones, but both men have expressed—publicly—their dissatisfaction at the UFC’s money offer to make the fight a reality.

With both Jones and Ngannou holding out based on what they think their fight is worth it seems as though the UFC is ready to book Ngannou versus the less expensive Derrick Lewis later this year.