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UFC 263 video: Nate Diaz lights up at presser, celebrates rule change on weed

The Arizona Commission adopted new, and lenient, rules on marijuana. Nate Diaz approves.

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UFC 263 press conference

On Friday the UFC’s Jeff Novitzky announced that the Arizona State Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts Commission would be adapting their rules on marijuana to match that of the UFC’s anti-doping program.

Those rules state that fighters will not be punished for testing positive for THC either in or out of competition. The UFC’s only restriction on marijuana use is that a fighter can not compete if they are obviously impaired.

“Great working with AZ Commission, who are adopting our testing program/rules for this weekend,” Novitzky tweeted. “Only issue with marijuana (THC) for Saturday’s fights is don’t show up impaired or under the influence. How it should be!”

That news was likely music to Nate Diaz’s ears. The welterweight, who is due to face Leon Edwards tomorrow night, is a well known advocate for marijuana use. To illustrate this point, while on stage for the UFC 263 press conference, he lit up.

Check the video below:

Diaz was reportedly smoking his own strain of marijuana, Kill_4209. In addition to releasing his own strains Diaz also owns a CBD Company.

In addition to being safe from UFC sanctions, Diaz also doesn’t need to worry about breaking the law. In Arizona marijuana is legal for recreational use for anyone over the age of 21.

When Diaz steps into the cage to face Edwards this will be the first time he has competed since November 2019. His last fight was against Jorge Masvidal for the so-called BMF belt. Masivdal won that ‘title’ after Diaz was deemed unable to compete due to a nasty cut.