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Video: An inside look at Mayweather vs. Paul

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Check out Showtime’s behind-the-scenes documentary on Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul.

Inside Mayweather vs. Paul

Floyd Mayweather Jr. returns to the ring this weekend. There he meets popular YouTuber Logan Paul, who has an 0-1 pro boxing record. The bout is billed as an ‘exhibition’, but who knows what that means. Paul insists he is there to fight and at Mayweather’s last exhibition he brutalized Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa.

The bout is a farce, but there are some elements from the freak-show days of old MMA that might intrigue you. Mayweather is infinitely more talented as a pugilist. But the neophyte Paul is younger and much much bigger. So Paul might have a puncher’s chance, albeit slim. However, if you’re not invested in who will win this one (since it will almost certainly be Mayweather), perhaps there is some interest to be garnered in how the winner gets the job done.

With both men featured being pretty unlikable there’s also the prospect that seeing either of them lose will be quite enjoyable.