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Graphic video: Another nasty leg break, Polish fighter injured in kickboxing match

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We hate to bring you all another gruesome leg injury, but it happened again. 

We are only two weeks removed from witnessing one of the worst leg breaks in mixed martial arts history and another one has just happened.

On Saturday night, First Step Championship — a promotion based in Poland — put on a card with nine kickboxing matches. Two of the matches that took place on Krwawy Sport 3: K1 Hardcore Division were contested at heavyweight, and the final one on the main card was between Adam Wiśniewski and Vadim Shablevskyi.

The match presumably started off well, but it would soon take a turn for the worst as Wiśniewski threw a few low kicks to the leg of his opponent. Both landed around the knee of Shablevskyi, who attempted to block them with his hand. Wiśniewski stumbled as he put his foot down on the canvas and tried to steady himself as he continued to fall backwards.

Wiśniewski stepped back one last time before snapping his right leg with a sickening crunch that rang out in the venue. He fell against the cage before sliding down to the canvas as the referee rushed over to attend to him.

KSW bantamweight Sebastian Przybysz was in attendance and filmed the occurrence, which can be seen below.

(Warning: The video is graphic. Please proceed with caution.)

Another video also captured the moments after Wiśniewski snapped his leg. He is seen being helped by cageside physicians and his team before being loaded up on a stretcher and subsequently removed from the cage.

There has not been an update on the condition of Wiśniewski, but it is very possible he will be out of action for some time as he will more than likely require surgery to repair his leg. He holds an overall professional record of 2-5.