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UFC Vegas 26 video highlights: Marina Rodriguez outstrikes Michelle Waterson to win decision

Check out the full fight video highlights of Marina Rodriguez’s win against Michelle Waterson in the UFC Vegas 26 main event.

The UFC Vegas 26 main event saw Marina Rodriguez overpower Michelle Waterson to win a unanimous decision. The contrast in both fighters styles was evident in the first round, with Rodriguez dominating in the clinch whilst Waterson opted to strike on the outside with kicks. Waterson struggled to deal with the power of Rodriguez, as the Brazilian walked down “The Karate Hottie” landing heavy combinations.

Waterson managed to pull one round back in her favour when she took Rodriguez down and controlled her in the fourth, but it wasn’t enough and Rodriguez won a unanimous decision.

Check out Tim Bissell’s play-by-play of the fifth round:

Both fighters trade leg kicks to start the final round. Waterson catches Rodriguez with a headkick, but the Brazilian looks unfazed. Rodriguez comes in for some punches, but Waterson lands a hard sidekick to Rodriguez’s body. I don’t think Waterson realized how badly that hurt Rodriguez. Rodriguez responds with some hard punches. Those strikes from Waterson seemed to have increased Rodriguez’s sense of urgency. She’s swinging for the fences in there now, getting a little reckless. Rodriguez lands some big shots against the cage, but Waterson circles away and is still in this fight. She lands some kicks of her own. The round ends mid-exchange. Very tough round to score. I give it to Waterson for those two very significant kicks, but that’s not enough to win the fight. 49-46 Rodriguez for me.

Official result: Marina Rodriguez def. Michelle Waterson via unanimous decision (48-47, 49-46, 49-46)