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‘This is the truth’ - Josh Fabia accuses Dana White and Sean Shelby of sleeping with female fighters

Joshua Fabia made some serious accusations on the UFC bosses.

Dana White and UFC matchmaker Sean Shelby Photo by Chris Unger/DWCS LLC

Diego Sanchez recently said that he fears for his life as he believes the UFC would retaliate after he exposes the “truth” about this “evil” company.

He claims there’s an agenda being pushed by the UFC in order to silence Joshua Fabia, and Sanchez’s controversial coach/manager/nutritionist/guru has now fired back. Fabia threw some very serious allegations against UFC’s upper management in President Dana White and matchmaker Sean Shelby.

“Why isn’t nobody talking about, that the reckoning happened, and somehow Dana White gets to f—k fighters?” Fabia said during an interview with John Gibson. “How many female fighters has he has sex with? How many female fighters has Sean Shelby had sex with? Yeah, this is the truth, man!

“And so, let’s just get real,” Fabia continued. “There’s a lot of dirty, ridiculousness, and if you don’t want to clean it up or address it, and do this, yeah, man — I do have to show videos. I do have to show things because nobody else has recorded anything. Nobody else has protected themselves. Nobody else protected their fighter.”

Fabia has repeatedly clashed with people in the short time he has taken over Sanchez’s career. He has been captured on tape having various arguments with UFC brass, staff and employees, and as he alluded to, they released some of these private conversations themselves.

Fabia didn’t offer any proof, and it’s unclear whether these serious claims will have any legal repercussions for those involved, but it seems like this saga is far from over, and things could only get uglier from here on out.