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‘He just needs to shut up and disappear’: Michael Bisping roasts Dillon Danis following callout

“He’s just a waste of space, not even worth my time.”

Michael Bisping during a UFC Fight Night in Jacksonville last year.
Michael Bisping at UFC Fight Night: Overeem vs. Harris in 2020.
Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

Despite having just two fights to his name since making his MMA debut in 2018, Bellator’s Dillon Danis feels he belongs in the conversation with some of the sport’s all-time greats.

The multiple-time Brazilian Jiu Jitsu world champion recently called out Michael Bisping on social media, seemingly challenging the UFC Hall of Famer to a street fight in a since-deleted Tweet.

Bisping isn’t one for street fights but the former UFC middleweight champion warned Danis that he is undefeated ‘on the mean streets of Clitheroe’.

“Glad you caught it hahahaa. Man that’s funny. That little weasel attention whore is really threatening me in a street fight? Haha I don’t fight in the streets, certainly against little boys but I’m undefeated on the mean streets of clitheroe!” Bisping joked.

Bisping labelled Danis a ‘waste of space’ in a follow-up interview with Low Kick MMA and stated that the 27-year-old simply isn’t worth his time or attention.

“He’s a total knobhead,” Bisping said of Danis. “He just needs to shut up and disappear. What is he doing? I mean, the guy doesn’t even fight, he just comes out the woodwork. Like, Saturday night he made a threat, ‘when I see him in the street.’ I was like, ‘oh my god.’ Number one, I don’t fight in the street. And number two, you don’t fight generally. Simple as that, so pipe down. He’s just a waste of space, not even worth my time.”

Bisping retired in 2018 and was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame shortly after. ‘The Count’ now serves as a commentator and analyst alongside several other ex-UFC fighters.