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‘Death punch did not work’ - Cerrone says Sanchez’s ‘cult leader’ got beat up in a bar; Fabia responds

Donald Cerrone claims that Joshua Fabia spoke about his “death punch” then was beat up in a New Mexico bar.

UFC Fight Night Covington v Woodley: Press Conference Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

Donald Cerrone was really motivated to settle the score with a former teammate in Diego Sanchez, until the bout was cancelled at the last minute. The former TUF winner in Sanchez was let go by the UFC, and the high profile incident involved his controversial manager and coach in Joshua Fabia.

Cerrone hasn’t been in good terms with Sanchez for a while now, but he didn’t seem to blame his former teammate for the cancellation. He did take shots at Fabia though.

“You’ve seen people get chopped, so apparently he pissed the wrong people off, and it just so happened right before the fight,” Cowboy said during the UFC Vegas 26 media day.

“Diego, it’s hard to be mad at him now, because I don’t know if it’s him guiding the horse. I can’t really be mad at the kid, or the old man I should say. Really it’s his cult leader and lover that’s took over his life, and I feel bad for you, Diego.”

Cerrone says he never had personal interactions with Fabia, but did claim that the controversial trainer supposedly spoke about his “death punch” then got beaten up in a bar fight in New Mexico.

“I do know the guy that whipped his ass at the bar,” Cerrone claimed. “I used to train with the guy, and that kid was talking about his death punch and how he was going to kill the dude, and my buddy dog walked his motherf—king ass all over the bar. So the death punch did not work. It was unsuccessful.

“This guy no longer fights, no longer trains, he just said, ‘I’ll beat yo ass’ and he did. The MMA community in New Mexico had a chuckle over it.”

Fabia, who previously warned athletic commissions about a Stone Cold Stunner-like death move he taught Sanchez, took offense with Cerrone’s statements.

“‘Cowboy’ is a lying bigot and has shown who he really is. Sad he is brainwashed by UFC and can’t see it,” Fabia responded in a prepared statement to MMA Fighting. “He is probably gonna be in the hospital Saturday and think it’s cool cause he got his adrenaline fix. Sad nobody cares enough about him to let him go in after he says in media he needs his head to heal.

“So the UFC promotes homophobia now? UFC supports hate in its community and that’s a fact.”

Fabia seems to be attributing Cerrone’s problematic statements to the UFC instead, which is in line with Sanchez’s latest comments about a bigger UFC conspiracy. According to Sanchez, the UFC is “in the pockets of Instagram,” and they’re using robots and fake accounts to push an anti-Fabia narrative in order to silence him.

With Sanchez removed from the contest, Cerrone will now face Alex Morono on short notice at UFC on Vegas 26.