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Sunday Punch: Juan Meza sparks out Jaime Garza with lethal left hook

The vaunted power puncher got a taste of his own medicine.

How about we go to the little guys for this weekend’s Sunday Punch?

Jaime Garza was an undefeated, fearsome knockout artist and holder of the WBC super-bantamweight (122 lbs) belt. He won the title in 1983 after an early knockdown against Bobby Berna, ultimately stopping him in three rounds. After a successful defense against Felipe Orozco, Garza took on Mexico’s Juan Meza on CBS Sports Spectacular on November 3rd, 1984 in Kingston, New York. Fireworks were expected and fans were treated to a one-round thriller.

The power of Garza went into immediate effect when he floored Meza with a left hook. Juan beat the count and seemingly had his wits about him. Towards the end of the opening round, just as CBS analyst Gil Clancy said that Garza’s punches were shorter and that Meza’s were wider, Meza gave Garza a taste of his own medicine with a crushing hook that put him down and he would not successfully get up.

Watch the full video at the top of the page.

Meza (45-9, 37 KOs) lost his title to Lupe Pintor in 1985 and never regained any share of a world title again. He retired after losing to Javier Marquez in 1987, then returned to the ring in 1997 and went 1-1 before retiring again for good. Garza (48-6, 44 KOs) never even fought in a 12-rounder again after such a brutal first career defeat and retired in 1995.