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‘Con artist Josh Fabia’ is using you - Rashad Evans urges Sanchez to get rid of ‘parasite’

Fellow TUF standout Rashad Evans urges his friend Diego Sanchez to get rid of Josh Fabia.

TUF standouts Rashad Evans and Diego Sanchez
TUF standouts Rashad Evans and Diego Sanchez
Photo by Denise Truscello/WireImage

Former UFC champion Rashad Evans has pleaded with Diego Sanchez to the ‘parasite’ head coach Josh Fabia out of his life.

Sanchez was supposed to conclude his 16-year UFC career with a fight against fellow veteran Donald Cerrone on May 8th. In a sudden turn of events, Sanchez was pulled from the fight and released from the UFC.

It would later be revealed, largely thanks to video released on Sanchez’s social media, that Fabia was at the center of his fighter’s release. Fabia does not have the best reputation in the MMA community, with the likes of Dana White, Michael Bisping, James Krause and several others having choice words for the controversial figure that now serves as Sanchez’s coach, manager, trainer, nutritionist and guru.

Rashad Evans now joins that list, urging his friend and fellow early TUF champion to get rid of Fabia.


“Diego the UFC gave you a chance to compete as long as you did because they actually cared about you. You were the original TUF champ and they took care of you for that.”

“You messed around and let that con artist Josh Fabia use you to try and get a lawsuit against the UFC,” Evans wrote. “They sensed it because it was obvious that your manager / coach was about to get litigious. I wish you the best my friend but you must get this guy out of your life. He is a parasite.”

Judging by his recent post, it’s safe to assume Sanchez is not retired from fighting and will seek opportunities for a different promotion. Cerrone has not been pulled from the UFC Vegas 26 card but a replacement Sanchez is still ongoing.