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Burgos on bizarre KO loss to Barboza: ‘The weirdest part is I remember everything’

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Despite the concerning manner of the stoppage, Shane Burgos remembers being finished by Edson Barboza at UFC 262.

Shane Burgos has recalled the moment his body shut down after being knocked out by Edson Barboza at UFC 262 earlier this month.

After a back and forth two rounds, Barboza knocked out Burgos in the third round of their fight. The Brazilian would get the finish by landing an overhand right that Burgos seemed to absorb well, until moments later when he backpedalled and collapsed against the wall of the octagon.

Talking recently to MMA Fighting, Burgos explained that he remembers how the ending of the fight played out.

“The weirdest part is I remember everything which is something everyone is surprised about,” Burgos said. “I don’t have any loss of memory when it comes to that. So we’re fighting, I threw the jab, I bring it back to my head and he threw a f*ckin fast overhand right, and I didn’t even see it. It was like, boom, hit me and I was like [still moving around] but I thought, this is weird.

“It felt like my vision was slowly coming to a tunnel vision, my legs were getting slowly turned off. It was like somebody turning the volume down on the power button on my legs. I was bouncing and dipping down, and when I was dipping down I was trying to come back up fully, and I was slowly getting lower. I’m like, I can’t stand the f*ck up, what the f*ck is going on?”

Burgos was administered to a local hospital after the fight to undergo a CT scan. The featherweight contender revealed that luckily, he has no symptoms of concussion and hopes to resume training sooner rather than later.

“So my mind was all there, my body just wasn’t. My legs just completely... it was slowly and then [snap] just off and I fell back into the cage. That was it. When he threw the punch, it was just so fast and I thought he just hit me with something and I was like, all right. Then it slowly all shut off. It was weird. I saw some doctor did a review—I didn’t watch it—but I heard they were attributing it to my conditioning and to my cardio, and I guess that’s a compliment. But it sucks.”