Bowls, Beers, and Brawls Episode 17 (Bold Font)

Another week of violence is behind us, as we look forward to more incoming this week. Join me, Big B for some reviews, and previews. Included in this weeks episode, appropriately named bold Font:

* UFCVegas27 Recap, and Reaction

* Cris Cyborg vs Leslie Smith II Recap, and Reaction

* XFC 44 Preview. (Lightweight, and Welterweight tournament semi finals)

* Flower Power - Lucid Bolt indica strain

* B's Brew featuring a Blonde Coffee Gose from Barn Hammer Brewing. Spicy, Salty, and citrus, all coming together to finish with an amazing coffee flavor. Absolutely tasty, but will it make the shelf of fame?

Enjoy, and please don't forget to subscribe :) Bowls, Beers, and Brawls (Bold Font)

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