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Dana White dismissive of Jon Jones’ future: Going out on top wouldn’t be a bad thing

Dana White doesn’t sound too enthusiastic about Jon Jones’ future in the UFC.

Dana White has not only given up on the idea of Jon Jones fighting at heavyweight, but the UFC president thinks it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing if ‘Bones’ decided to hang up the gloves and retire.

White almost gave Jones an ultimatum in a recent interview with TMZ Sports: Return to light heavyweight, or retire.

“That’s up to Jon,” White said (h/t Farah Hannoun of MMA Junkie). “He could absolutely fight again at 205 pounds. He said he wouldn’t fight Stipe (Miocic), and now Derrick (Lewis) and Francis (Ngannou) are fighting, so we’ll see how that fight plays out. There’s nothing wrong with going out on top either – Jon Jones is undefeated, he’s never been beat.”

“For those people that don’t know, you see that one loss on his record, he didn’t lose that fight,” he continued. “He won that fight in dominant fashion like most of his fights. It was a time when the Nevada Athletic Commission was at its weakest, and there was a referee that shouldn’t have been in there, and he stole that fight from Jon Jones. So, it wouldn’t be a bad thing for him to go out on top.”

White and Jones have been back-and-forth in the media ever since the latter demanded more money for a superfight with Francis Ngannou. Jones was expected to challenge Ngannou for the heavyweight title in his heavyweight debut, but White shot down those plans completely by announcing Derrick Lewis as ‘The Predator’s’ next opponent.

Jones is currently enjoying some downtime after a ‘decade of wins’ at the top and claims his next fight will be huge no matter who it’s against.