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Brendan Schaub claims he and Dillon Danis knew Jake Paul planned to crash interview

Brendan Schaub offers a behind-the-scenes take on Jake Paul’s drive-by water ballon attack on Dillon Danis.

Brendan Schaub spills some details about Jake Paul’s water balloon drive-by attack on Dillon Danis.
Brendan Schaub spills some details about Jake Paul’s water balloon drive-by attack on Dillon Danis.
Photo credit should read ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images

We all saw Jake Paul’s water balloon stunt on Dillon Danis late last year. The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu ace and Conor McGregor’s training buddy was doing Brendan Schaub’s Food Truck Diaries show when he was rudely interrupted by Paul and his goons.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here is.

Showtime even released a director’s cut version shot from their own cameras, which can make one think that Schaub was in on the whole thing.

The former UFC heavyweight turned stand-up comedian recently sat down with The Schmo to say that he wasn’t. But he also claimed to have known of the premeditated attack all along.

“I wish I had the intelligence to set all that up, to go viral like that,” he said. “But hats off to Jake and Logan Paul. Logan was on the week before, and one of my staff goes, ‘Oh yeah, we have Dillon on next week.’ And Logan goes, ‘You have Dillon on? I go, ‘Yeah, Dillon Danis is a buddy of mine, and he’s coming next week.’

“He goes, ‘Oh, I should have Jake stop by.’ And I said, ‘I mean, I guess.’ I can’t have them fighting, man. He goes, ‘It’ll be fun, it’ll build the fight up…’ ‘Yeah sure.’ And I said, ‘But I have to let Dillon know.’

“So Dillon gets in town and the night before, he stayed in Santa Monica. I go, ‘Hey dude, just so you know, Jake and Logan might stop by to do their YouTube thing and build the fight.’ And I go, ‘But I can’t have you getting set up, but I want you to know the plan, so get your mind right.’

“And Dillon goes, ‘Good. Tell them to come by because I’mma beat the shit out of them.’ And I went, ‘Hold on. I can’t have you guys fighting. But just let them do their thing.’ He goes, ‘No, no, no. If I see them, I’m gonna fight them.’ So, I’m like, ‘Oh my god, please don’t.’”

Schaub expressed a bit of relief that nothing really went down after. But as far as the whole stunt goes, he had to tip his hat off to Logan and Jake.

“I had no idea what they’re gonna do. We were doing the interview,” he said. Obviously, Jake pulls up with his goons and video crew and starts throwing wet toilet paper at him. Dillon’s coming off knee surgery, he goes to run after him. Thank god he didn’t get in the truck, and who knows what lawsuit I would’ve faced there.

“Didn’t set them up. I wish I had the brains to calculate all of that. But unfortunately, I gotta give credit to the Paul brothers.”

Credit does go to the Paul brothers, Jake especially, for creating that loud buzz around their name. And whether you’re a fan or not, you’ll have to live with all this madness and buffoonery, at least for the time being.