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UFC Vegas 25 video highlights: Jiri Prochazka posterizes Dominick Reyes with spinning elbow KO

Check out the full fight video highlights of Jiri Prochazka storming the castle of Dominick Reyes in the UFC Vegas 25 co-main event.

The UFC Vegas 25 main event got a stellar finish when the company's #5 ranked light heavyweight, Jiri Prochazka, hit a spectacular spinning elbow knockout on the #3 ranked, Dominick Reyes, in the second-round. The fighters got busy right away, jarring one another with crosses early in the first round. That’s when Prochazka started to take over. He began to put hands on the former title challenger, making Reyes backpedal all over the Octagon. Reyes was throwing back, but Prochazka was storming his castle.

The second act saw Reyes wobble Jiri with a left hand, but then he jumped a guillotine that gave Prochazka time to recover. As soon as the fight returned to its feet, Jiri went after Reyes. Against the fence, that’s where he uncorked the brilliant finishing technique that sent Reyes collapsing to the floor unconscious.

Check out Kid Nate’s play-by-play of Jiri Prochazka’s destruction of Dominick Reyes:

Dominick Reyes vs. Jiri Prochazka Round 2

Reyes throws a body kick, Prochazka catches it. Prochazka lands a jumping jab. Reyes trying to circle per his corner’s advice. Reyes lands a left kick to the body. Reyes lands a 1-2-3 combo. Body kick. Prochazka firing hard shots but Reyes countering. Reyes bleeding from the nose. Front kick and punch combo lands for Prochazka. Reyes counters. Prochazka on the attack again! Great fight. Front kick for Prochazka. Reyes swollen below the left eye. Reyes hurts Prochazka! Reyes goes for a guillotine, has it, he drops! Prochazka might be getting his head free. He’s free! Now on top in Reyes’ guard. Reyes trying for a triangle. Nope. Prochazka passes to half guard, almost had mount. Back to full guard. Prochazka elevates, throws down. Prochazka tries to pass, nope still in 1/2 guard. Prochazka throwing bombs. Reyes to his feet. Prochazka on the attack! Prochazka drops Reyes with a spinning elbow! Reyes face plants! It’s over.

Official results: Jiri Prochazka def. Dominick Reyes via KO (spinning elbow) at 4:29 of Round 2.