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Results and video: Jiri Prochazka violently KO’s Dominick Reyes with spinning elbow at UFC Vegas 25

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Jiri Prochazka just violently knocked out Dominick Reyes with a spinning elbow in the UFC Vegas 25 main event.

Atop the UFC Vegas 25 main card was the company’s #5 ranked light heavyweight, Jiri Prochazka, scoring a brutal spinning elbow knockout of the former title challenger, Dominick Reyes, in the seocnd round. Reyes was throwing all fight, but Prochazka had him on the ropes for a lot of it. Then towards of the end of the second round, Prochazka landed that gorgeous technique that put Reyes to sleep on impact. Jiri is downright scary and has posted up back to back second-round knockouts in his first-two UFC matches. Who is going to want to fight this guy?

Reyes opened the match with a heavy body kick, and Prochazka responded with an unorthodox punching combo. Reyes connected with a big left hand, and Prochazka responded with a laser straight of his own that rocked Dominick. Reyes went to the takedown, but Jiri exploded back to his feet before Reyes could capitalize on the position. Jiri then started to tune up Reyes with his boxing. Reyes was still throwing back, but he was hurt and in survival mode.

Reyes was swinging for the fences in the second act, trying to fight off the pressure of Prochazka. Jiri was still landing his punching combinations and throwing heavy teeps to the body. Reyes uncorked a blistering left hand tat wobbled Prochazka, and then when Jiri shot in, Dominick jumped a guillotine. Prochazka escaped and worked from the top until Reyes was able to scramble up. Then KABOOM! Jiri landed a wicked spinning elbow that knocked out Reyes on impact. Good night!

Jiri Prochazka def. Dominick Reyes by KO at 4:29 of round 2: Light Heavyweight