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Derrick Lewis picks up victory over would be car thief: ‘MFer tried to break into my sh-t’

The ‘Black Beast’ hit Instagram to show the damage to his car as well as police arresting the man he stopped from breaking into it with a well placed punch.

Derrick Lewis has his hand raised after defeating Curtis Blaydes.
Derrick Lewis has his hand raised after defeating Curtis Blaydes.
Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Derrick Lewis may not have stepped into the Octagon since his KO victory over Curtis Blaydes back in February, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been picking up Ws. The ‘Black Beast’ recently took to Instagram to highlight his latest reported KO victory, which he snagged after apparently catching a car thief breaking into his ride.

MMA Fighting reports that Lewis was returning from a workout when he found the alleged suspect attempting to break into his vehicle using a screwdriver at about 9:30 AM on Tuesday, May 18th. Lewis reportedly confronted the man, striking him, before subduing him until police could arrive.

The man was apparently transported to the hospital for treatment to his injuries. On the plus side for the would be thief, however, he’s only being charged with criminal mischief, “because our winner did not get into the vehicle,” Houston Police Department public information officer Jodi Silva told MMA Fighting.

“Mr. Lewis says he went over to the suspect, struck him, placed him onto the ground until the police arrived,” Silva added. “That’s the nicest way to put it.”

Lewis, for his part, gave his own account of the incident on social media.

“Mofo picked the right/wrong care to break into,” Lewis wrote with an accompanying photo and video of the suspect’s arrest, adding, “HE’S OK #Herbdeanfault.”

In a second post, Lewis showed off a picture of his bruised knuckles, with the word “Satisfaction” across the top of the photo.

Lewis is currently in talks with the UFC for a potential PPV headlining fight against heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou for sometime this summer. That bout is the result of seemingly failed negotiations between the promotion and former light heavyweight champ Jon Jones, who had been set to face Ngannou as the Cameroonian’s first title defense after winning the belt from Stipe Miocic back in March.