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‘I like what I like’ - Katlyn Chookagian jokes about ‘hacked’ Twitter account

The flyweight women’s top contender has ended up with an extremely NSFW Twitter account after what she claims to be repeated hacking problems.

Katlyn Chookagian speaks to the press following UFC 262.

Ahead of her PPV main card bout against Viviane Araujo at UFC 262, former flyweight title contender Katlyn Chookagian found herself at the center of a salacious bit of controversy. No, she hadn’t become the latest fighter to open up an account on OnlyFans. Instead, MMA fans hoping to connect with the top ranked fighter on her Twitter account found open access to a whole variety of not safe for work content via a quick perusal of the fighter’s ‘liked’ tweets.

The account hasn’t been used to post much out of the ordinary over the past several months. But, whoever is running it has apparently been viewing a lot of hardcore gentleman’s special interest literature.

Following UFC 262, Chookagian fielded questions from the press, including just what the hell was up with her Twitter account.

“What? I like what I like!” Chookagian joked, after being asked if she was hacked or ‘just flaunting’ (transcript via MMA Mania). “No, I’m just kidding. My Twitter got hacked like two months ago. Or I just thought I’d lost my password, I tried to get into my app and I couldn’t get in.

“During every fight card I’m always tweeting, my tweets are always popping up,” she continued. “And every Saturday I was like ‘Oh, my Twitter.’ I didn’t get in and I just kinda never payed attention to it? My Twitter, for years, always gets hacked. But it usually just follows a bunch of pornstars. But this time, I guess it’s been going on for months and I didn’t realize until this week.

“With the fight and the promotion of the fight people started noticing that whoever’s in my Twitter account ... I don’t know, maybe they’re in a relationship and they need to go into my account to look at other things? But it was not me and all week I was trying to get in but I was focusing on my fight, not my Twitter.

“But hey, it’s out there, so if anyone needs some extra content they can go to my Twitter.”

As MMA Mania noted in their article, it’s most likely that Chookagian’s account was added to a botnet that generates interactions for various Twitter accounts (in this case a whole lot of porn) than it is that someone is actually using her account to browse around on their own time. However, ‘Blonde Fighter’’s husband, Kyle Cerminara, took the opportunity to poke a little fun at himself as news of his wife’s Twitter feed started to get around.

“When I question @blondefighter about her Twitter activity...” Cerminara wrote next to a picture of Chookagian landing a right cross on Vivi Aruajo at UFC 262. He apparently even got a little more wild in his Instagram Stories.

Chookagian picked up a unanimous decision over Araujo at UFC 262. No word yet on when she expects to return to the Octagon. In the meantime, fans will just have to stick to her social media feeds to see what pops up next for the flyweight contender.