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Chris Weidman shares several positive recovery updates on broken leg

The former UFC middleweight champion has shared a recovery update on his broken leg.

Chris Weidman is three weeks removed from having surgery to repair the broken leg he suffered in his fight against Uriah Hall at UFC 261. And he is already getting back to normal.

The ‘All-American’ has been sharing recovery updates on social media for fans and they have gotten more and more positive with each post. The previous week of updates are some of the most promising, however, as Weidman shows he is now able to stand and walk — milestones he was not expected to meet until about eight weeks post-op.

On Friday afternoon, Weidman took to Instagram and revealed the progress he has been making on an anti-gravity treadmill at Performance Rehab Associates located in North Carolina. He is seen taking some small steps, but they are extremely impressive considering the severity of his injury.

“Big day, I am able to get my foot back on the ground and walk on anti-gravity treadmill,” wrote Weidman. “This treadmill offsets my weight and allows me to load my foot and try to walk normally. This is the first step in getting back to loading shin and knee normally. We are trying to restart the conversation between my brain and my foot, increase blood flow, and accelerate healing.”

On Sunday afternoon, Weidman posted another positive update. This time, it was a photo showing the difference between his left and right leg with a caption explaining how the pain is slowly subsiding as he stands in place.

He also detailed how the blood flow has been in his leg, which was a grand concern of his throughout the early stages of his recuperation.

“Pain is getting way more tolerable while standing; thank God!,” wrote Weidman. “The blood flows into my leg is still insane when I have to get up, as you can see the difference in colors. The doctor said because blood vessels and veins are damaged from the trauma, the blood has a hard time traveling back up the body, fighting gravity. Again thank you for all the love and support. Blown away.”

Weidman is still presumed to be away from competition for the remainder of the year, but that does not mean he is done with fighting. The former middleweight champion said he intends to continue on in his career when he has made a full recovery from the injury.