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Elon Musk responds to Beneil Dariush’s ‘call out’ at UFC 262

Beneil Dariush vented some frustration regarding Tesla on Saturday night.

Beneil Dariush pulled off the most impressive win of his career at UFC 262 last week. Over three rounds he dominated former interim UFC lightweight champion Tony Ferguson and, in the process, likely catapulted himself up the rankings in one of the UFC’s most competitive divisions.

Dariush’s post-fight interview was an odd one. In the center of the cage, opposite Joe Rogan, Dariush first dedicated his victory to Jesus Christ (which is pretty common). Then, Dariush shouted out victims of ‘Marxist ideologies’ and said he understood their pain.

With religion and politics covered, Dariush then turned to technology. After telling Rogan he had someone he wanted to call out, Dariush surprised everyone by name-dropping none other than Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla.

It seems Dariush is one of many on a waiting list for a new Tesla vehicle. And he’s not happy with the wait time.

“Joe, I’m gonna call out your buddy Elon. Elon Musk! Where’s my car, bro? I’ve been waiting six months! I’m having a baby! I need a good car! I gotta protect my daughter! Let’s go Elon! Get me my car!”

In his post-fight press conference Dariush expanded on his comments. “December, I order my [Tesla] car,” Beneil said (ht MMA Mania). “I order the safest car, the best car for my pregnant wife. And I’m still waiting! Elon, bro, what’s the deal man? You told me March, it’s coming up on June. I want my car. Come on bud. Big fan, big fan. But this is disrespect.”

Shortly after Dariush caused some buzz with the call out, he got a response from Musk. Musk wrote on Twitter, “Coming soon. Sorry for the delay!”

It’s unclear if Musk’s message indicated that Dariush’s order will be expedited or whether Musk is telling all awaiting customers that their vehicles will get to them eventually.

It shouldn’t be that much of a surprise that this landed on Musk’s radar. His wife, recording artist Grimes, is a known fan of MMA (especially Invicta FC).