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Leave me and ‘my guys’ alone - Dana White blasts Triller, De La Hoya for trying to book GSP

UFC president Dana White responds to Triller’s plans to have an event bannered by Oscar De La Hoya and Georges St-Pierre.

UFC president Dana White is ready to face the new COVID world.
Dana White addresses the rumors about a supposed fight between Oscar De La Hoya and Georges St-Pierre, courtesy of Triller.
Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC

Right before Saturday’s UFC 262 festivities, it was reported that UFC president Dana White decided against a supposed boxing match between Georges St-Pierre and Oscar De La Hoya. The bout was supposed to be a banner event for Triller, which had just concluded the Jake Paul-Ben Askren event in April.

“The Golden Boy” also blamed White for denying St-Pierre his “biggest payday” ever.

Despite his hesitation to respond to the issue, White was goaded into doing so. As expected, his words weren’t very kind.

“Does anybody give a shit? I don’t give a shit what they think,” White said during Saturday’s post-fight presser. “You think I care what Triller thinks? I don’t even take their calls.”

Triller boss Ryan Kavanagh claimed White constantly dodged his phone calls, which the UFC exec didn’t deny.

“This idiot calls me every day. Texts me every day,” White said. “‘Please answer my call. Please talk to me. Why won’t you talk to me?’ Because I don’t give a f—k about you. Do your thing. Leave me alone. Go f—ng do whatever it is you’re doing. Knock yourself out. I could care less.

“I have no interest in talking to any of those idiots. They can do their thing. Do your thing. Stop talking about me. What do you give a shit what I’m doing? Go do your thing.

“I don’t even know what you’re doing. What is this thing you’re trying to build? What are you doing? And what do I have to do with it, or my guys?”

White, of course, didn’t hide his disdain towards De La Hoya.

“And then you got Oscar, this f—ng idiot again... ‘Come with us and make more money than you’ve ever made in your life!’ We heard that before,” he said. “Chuck Liddell’s here tonight. Grab him, ask him if he made more money than he ever made in his whole life when he went with Oscar De La Hoya.

“Go, f—ng go away. Go do whatever you’re doing. Stop texting me, stop calling me, and stop f—ng asking the media to ask me things. Beat it. Get lost.”