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UFC 262 results: Edson Barboza earns bizarre delayed finish in war with Shane Burgos

Edson Barboza just TKO’d Shane Burgos following a bizarre delayed reaction in the third round on the UFC 262 PPV main card.

Edson Barboza earns bizarre delayed finish in war with Shane Burgos 
Edson Barboza earns bizarre delayed finish in war with Shane Burgos 
Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC

The UFC 262 PPV main card continues on at featherweight, where the company’s the #13 ranked, Edson Barboza, scored a weird third-round TKO of the #9 ranked, Shane Burgos. This one was tons of fun, with both fighters landing quality strikes throughout. It was a surgical jab to overhand right that connected on Burgos’ jaw, but he didn’t react right away. There was a bit of a delay between the time the punches landed, and the time the lights shut out. This didn’t looked fixed in any way, or anything like that. Shane seemed to legitimately lose his consciousness in a gradual way. In the replay you can see him losing track of where he was in space and time. Quite odd, but nonetheless a huge win for Barboza who continues to be one of the very best fighters in the world.

Barboza began chopping at the leg of Burgos right away, as Burgos pressed forward behind his hands. Barboza was relentless with his attack, but Burgos was taking them and returning heavy punches. Burgos was ripping to the body, and then going over the top. Then came the spinning kick to the head from Barboza, followed by a surgical onslaught that hurt Burgos. It was quite a strong round for both fighters, but the momentum was on the side of Barboza.

The kicking strategy of Barboza continued into the second round. He was lighting uo the leg, and also attacking the body. A big welt formed around the liver area of Burgos, and at the same time the shin of Barboza began to bleed badly. Burgos kept firing away with his body shots and hooks to the head, and Barboza stayed true with his kicks to the body. Back and forth the fighters went, in what was a razor close round.

The third round started the same way, but Barboza uncorked a vicious 1-2 that staggered Burgos and caused a weird delayed reaction. It seemed as if Burgos was fine, but then started backing up seeming lost and dazed as he fell backwards into the fence and ultimately the floor. Barboza landed a set on academic strikes on Burgos who already seemed out. How bizarre.

Edson Barboza def. Shane Burgos by TKO at 1:16 of round 3: Featherweight