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UFC 262 results: Bontorin takes scorecards against Schnell, Chookagian bests Araujo

On the UFC 262 PPV main card, Rogerio Bontorin won a unanimous nod over Matt Schnell, and Katlyn Chookagian took one over Viviane Araujo.

The UFC 262 PPV main card continues on with the flyweights. The UFC’s #9 ranked 125-pounder, Rogerio Bontorin, just took a unanimous decision over the #8 rated, Matt Schnell. Bontorin leaned on his power punching to do damage on the feet, and then solidified his win with late ground control. It should be noted that Bontorin missed eight for this short-notice fight by one-pound, but he dows get himself back into th win column.

Before that, the UFC’s #2 rated women’s flyweight, Katlyn Chookagian, took a hard-fought decision over the #7 ranked, Viviane Araujo. She had to eat a couple of heavy punches early on, and had to fight out of a couple of submission attempts, but Chookagian was able to unload a bunch of volume on a fading Araujo to walk away with another unanimous nod. Katlyn keeps her spot atop the flyweight division, now enjoying back to back victories.

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Main card:

Rogerio Bontorin def. Matt Schnell by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28): Flyweight

Schnell pressed forward right away, throwing a lot of feints. He wasn’t tagging Bontorin a bunch, but he was keeping him defensive and on the back foot. As the fight grew on, Bontorin began to land his counter punches, but Schnell wore them really well. Bontorin also started to throw out some mean calf kicks that seemed to be quite effective.

Schnell was sure to strike first in the second act, and was throwing out head kicks to get the attention of his opponent. Bontorin returned to the calf kick, mixing it in behind his boxing combos. Schnell started to counter punch to address Bontorin pressuring forward, but then got wobbled by an angry flurry.

The final round got a bit sticky, with neither fighter really opening up early on. Then, Bontorin pinned his foe against the fence and unloaded a bunch of punches that had Schnell in big trouble. Bontorin used the moment to change levels and put Schnell on his back, where he kept him until the final bell.

**I should be noted that Bontorin missed weight by one-pound

Katlyn Chookagian def. Viviane Araujo by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2) : (W) Flyweight

Araujo got right in the face of Chookagian winging big punches and connecting. Chookagian was struggling with getting close enough to land her own strikes without getting absolutely bombed on. Araujo was throwing hard, causing Chookagian to flinch up as she was closing the distance. AT the end of the round, Araujo spent some time pressing Chookagian against the cage.

The second act saw Araujo catch a Chookagian kick to find top position. Araujo worked for a guillotine from the top of half guar, grabbing the chin with one hand and punching to the body with her other hand. She transitioned to full mount and started attacking with an arm triangle. Chookagian remained safe and found a way up to her feet, where she began letting her strikes go. She was tagging her foe with punches in bunches, as Araujo seemed to be fading.

The final frame saw Chookagian utilize her long teeps and straight punches to keep Araujo on the outside. Araujo was now stuck with eating strikes whenever she tried to close the distance, almost how Chookagian was in the first round. Araujo just didn’t have the same pep in her step that she started with, while Chookagian seemed as fresh as a daisy.