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Paul shocked by Mayweather’s reaction to stolen hat: I didn’t think he’d get that mad

“I didn’t think he was gonna get that mad over a hat”.

Jake Paul gets into a heated confrontation with Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Photo by EVA MARIE UZCATEGUI/AFP via Getty Images

Jake Paul might be the biggest wind-up merchant in combat sports, but even he was shocked by how Floyd Mayweather reacted during their now-viral confrontation at last week’s press conference for the upcoming Logan Paul-Mayweather June 6 boxing match.

Paul sent Mayweather into a frenzy after the YouTube star-turned-pro boxer stole Floyd’s hat during a tense face-off. ‘TBE’ went berserk, throwing several punches at Paul and threatening to kill the 24-year-old for disrespecting him.

The younger Paul brother spoke to Chael Sonnen about the incident earlier this week, laughing at just how easy it was to get under Mayweather’s skin.

“It was sort of a sensory overload with everything that was going on,” Paul told Sonnen on a recent episode of You’re Welcome (h/t Alexander K. Lee of MMA Fighting). “There was, like, eight guys around me all grabbing me, some hitting me in the leg. I’m holding onto his hat for dear life. I was like, ‘No! I’m not letting go!’ And that was the main thing that they were concerned about it, like, ‘Give us the f*cking hat, give us the hat!’ And I was like, ‘No! Noooo!’

“Then they finally got the hat and then I see this angry Floyd Mayweather, I couldn’t believe it. One of his security guards had my shirt wrapped around his hand so I couldn’t get away, and he just comes running at me and he’s throwing punches over the security guard. I’m literally like, ‘Oh wow, this is crazy,’ but the funny thing about it was none of the punches were even coming close to me at that point and he actually punched his own security guard in the side of the head. Absurd moment, hilarious. I didn’t think he was gonna get that mad over a hat.”

Paul is 3-0 in the boxing ring since making his professional debut in 2020, with the Disney star recently dispatching of former UFC welterweight Ben Askren via first-round KO at Triller Fight Club in April. Logan, meanwhile, is 0-1 against YouTube rival KSI.

Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul is scheduled to take place on June 6 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida.