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Chuck Liddell to referee boxing match between Lamar Odom and Aaron Carter

The former UFC light heavyweight champion is going to be the special guest referee. 

Chuck Liddell before his third fight with Tito Ortiz in 2018.
Chuck Liddell before his third fight with Tito Ortiz in 2018.
Photo by Tom Hogan/Golden Boy/Getty Images

Chuck Liddell is making his debut in the squared circle…but not in the way you might think. The former UFC light heavyweight champion and Hall of Famer has been asked to be the special guest referee in the celebrity boxing match between Lamar Odom and Aaron Carter.

FITE TV — the streaming service that hosts several mixed martial arts and boxing events on its platform — made the announcement on Thursday afternoon. Liddell then confirmed his involvement with Celebrity Boxing Entertainment and its upcoming event on Twitter.

“I just found out I will be working at [Celebrity Boxing Entertainment] live on pay-per-view as referee for Lamar Odom vs. Aaron Carter. You can to go to [Celebrity Boxing Entertainment] for details,” wrote Liddell alongside what appears to be a promotional poster.

The official updated poster for the event can be seen below. Celebrity Boxing Entertainment: Odom vs. Carter is set to take place on June 11 at the Showboat Hotel in Atlantic City, N.J. and can be purchased now for $29.99 on FITE TV.

Liddell may not have officiated a fight before, but he is obviously no stranger to fighting. In the previous decade, the ‘Iceman’ dominated the light heavyweight division under the UFC banner and captured several high-profile knockouts over names like Tito Ortiz, Randy Couture and Renato Sobral.

In the final stages of his professional career, Liddell was on the receiving end of a string of knockouts that eventually saw him retire from the sport altogether. The retirement did not last, however, as Liddell decided to return to complete a trilogy with the aforementioned Ortiz in Oscar de La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions in 2018.

Liddell was knocked out by Ortiz in the first round at Golden Boy Promotions: Liddell vs. Ortiz 3 and retired for the second time shortly after. He has been in the headlines recently after stating that he would be “ready anytime” for a fight against YouTube star turned professional boxer Jake Paul, but there is no indication that could happen.