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Photos: Enormous Jon Jones ‘focused’ on gaining weight even as UFC plans Ngannou-Lewis

Jon Jones looks ready to join the UFC’s heavyweight ranks.

Jon Jones Body Language Breakdown

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones may not be getting booked in the fight he wants anytime soon. But that doesn’t mean the soon-to-be UFC heavyweight is slacking off in the gym.

Jones, who has seen his chances of being Francis Ngannou’s first title defence dwindle lately, shared some images on Instagram to show just how serious he is taking the move up to the UFC’s biggest division.

Check the pics below to see the largest version of ‘Bones’ we’ve ever seen.

Jones, Ngannou and UFC President Dana White have been involved in a drawn out, and very public, discussion about fighter pay lately. Both Jones and Ngannou have been steadfast in stating their desire to fight each other. However, those fighters have also maintained that any fight between them would be a blockbuster event and that this would warrant a blockbuster payday.

The UFC doesn’t seem eager to invest in multi-million dollar purses for both Jones and Ngannou and is reportedly targeting Ngannou versus Derrick Lewis instead, for later this year.

As for Jones, he recently went on record saying he would not fight former heavyweight champ Stipe Miocic anytime soon. He tweeted (and deleted) that he was only interested in fighting Ngannou. However, he added that he’d gladly defend the UFC heavyweight title versus Miocic.

Recently Jones also revealed that he had important meetings with potential agents and lawyers coming up. Jones surprised the MMA world last month when he announced he was parting ways with Malki Kawa and First Round Management.

According to White, Jones is also due to meet UFC Chief Business Officer Hunter Campbell to discuss ‘big fights’.