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‘He’s going to get his clock cleaned’: Michael Chandler predicts KO win against Charles Oliveira

Michael Chandler predicts a knockout victory in his lightweight title fight against Charles Oliveira at UFC 262.

Michael Chandler is oozing with confidence ahead of UFC 262, predicting another highlight reel KO in his highly anticipated lightweight title bout against Charles Oliveira.

The former three-time Bellator lightweight champ acknowledges that Oliveira might the ‘scariest opponent’ he’s ever faced but feels ‘Do Bronx’ will start to second guess himself once he gets a taste of his power in the opening round.

Chandler described his path to victory when speaking to MMA Fighting earlier this week, envisioning 19,000 ‘red, white and blue-blooded’ Texans screaming his name from the walkout to his exit.

“I walk out into a packed arena in Houston, Texas, 19,000 red, white and blue-blooded Americans chanting my name, rooting for me. I go out there and I get in Charles Oliveira’s face immediately and he will realize and feel from the first exchange, from the pressure I put on him, he will immediately start to second guess himself. He will immediately start to overreact. He will immediately start to worry about his legs. I’ll go to his head. I’m going to go to his legs. I’m going to go to his body. I’m going to mix it up. A punch is going to land, he’s going to get his clock cleaned,” Chandler said.

“He’s going to wake up to the bright lights of me standing on top the cage about to get my hand raised and UFC gold around my waist. That’s how it’s going to go. I predict it’s going to be in the first round. Then I predict a phenomenal end to 2021 and then we’re going to carry this baby on for a couple of years.”

UFC 262: Oliveira vs. Chandler takes place this Saturday, May 15 at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas.