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Jon Jones shuts down Stipe Miocic bout in latest string of deleted tweets

Jon Jones is not interested in facing Stipe Miocic.

Dana White recently gave an update on Jon Jones, saying that UFC Chief Business Officer Hunter Campbell has a better relationship with the former champion and will be the one handling negotiations.

The UFC President says Campbell and Jones will meet soon, and also suggested booking a possible bout against Stipe Miocic. While many seemed interested in the potential title eliminator, Jones completely shut down the idea of facing the two-time UFC heavyweight champion next.

Jones addressed the possible bout like he usually does these days: with a string of tweets that were quickly deleted.

“Don’t get excited people, I’m not fighting Stipe,” Jones wrote, before reiterating that he is only interested in facing Francis Ngannou.

“I’m not here to fight Stipe but I will defend my belt against him no problem. I’m looking for the biggest draw and I’m willing to wait. 33 years old in better athlete right now than I’ve ever been before.. I’m just going to keep training my ass off”

“I’m sick of hearing the same shit, you’re not a big enough star, you don’t bring in enough paper view [sic]. I’m ready to fight fights that will bring in the pay-per-view. The world wants to see some black on black crime right now and I’m ready to give it to them”

Jones, who recently parted ways with his long-term MMA management team, also announced that he is looking for new representation.

Jones has been discussing a heavyweight move for quite some time now, but has hit roadblocks while trying to negotiate with the UFC. They seemed far apart on monetary figures the last time they took things public, but it will be interesting to see if Jones getting new representation and UFC sending Campbell will finally help get things done.