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Jake Paul issues a warning, promises to make Ben Askren history’s ‘worst UFC fighter’

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Jake Paul’s pre-fight hype is cranked up to 11 with boxing match against Ben Askren just a week away.

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With their PPV boxing match set for April 17th, the need to keep the feud between Jake Paul and Ben Askren at a high boil is more pressing than ever. The two men have traded barbs over social media, in pressers, and through interviews for months. And they’ll finally settle their pseudo-celebrity beef in just a few days time.

Just to make sure the fight doesn’t lose any heat, Askren made a guest appearance on Logan Paul’s impaulsive podcast. Logan did his best to goad Askren throughout the appearance, asking about his KO loss to Jorge Masvidal among other topics. And at one point he played a pre-recorded message from his brother on the broadcast, whereby Jake issued a warning to the former Bellator & ONE champion.

“You think this is a f-cking game, you think is a fun payday, you think this is a way to get clout and you might be right,” Paul said, via pre-recorded message (transcript via “I promise April 17 will be the worst day of your f-cking life. Just as I asked Nate Robinson’s kids not to watch the fight, I will ask your kids to do the same. So, Ben Askren’s kids, wife, please don’t watch this because your dad will be bloodied, unconscious on the f-cking canvas April 17. I don’t want you to see that.

“I mean, you already saw him get knocked out in five seconds by Masvidal,” Paul continued. “Your kids are probably going to school getting made fun of because their dad got knocked out in five seconds. Then, he’s going to get knocked out by Jake Paul. So, please leave them out of this.

“You f-cked up, Ben by taking this fight. April 17, I promised my team, my family, my brother who is there right next to you right now, I promise to make you go down as history as the world’s worst UFC fighter. You are dumb as f-ck, bro,” Paul concluded. “April 17 I will show the world how big of a bitch you are. I will make you my bitch. I f-cking promise that.”

Paul did indeed make good on his warning to Robinson, when he told the fighter not to let his kids watch him get KO’d, ending the fight midway through the second round. For Askren, this boxing match marks his first return to professional competition since losing to Demian Maia via technical submission in 2019. After that bout, Askren retired from MMA, citing a need for surgery to correct a hip injury.

Paul vs. Askren takes place next Saturday, April 17th in Atlanta, GA. Alongside the cruiserweight main event, the card is expected to feature the pro boxing debut of former UFC champion Frank Mir, taking on ex-IBF champion Steve Cunningham in a heavyweight bout. A light welterweight bout between former WBA champion Regis Prograis and Ivan Redkach is scheduled for the co-main event.