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‘You were going to be my easiest fight’ - Darren Till slams ‘walking punch bag’ Marvin Vettori

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Darren Till appears to have taken serious exception to Marvin Vettori’s suggestion that he might have faked his collarbone injury.

Darren Till flexes for the camera ahead of UFC 244.
Darren Till flexes for the camera ahead of UFC 244.
Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

This coming Saturday was supposed to present Darren Till with a major opportunity. The ‘Gorilla’ may only be 1-2 since losing his welterweight title shot against Tyron Woodley back in September of 2018, but the expectation from middleweight king Israel Adesanya seemed to be that a victory over Marvin Vettori at UFC Vegas 23 could put Till right back in contention for UFC gold.

It doesn’t make much sense, then, that Till would have let that opportunity fall by the wayside if there were any way to avoid it. The Team Kaobon fighter had to be removed from his headlining bout against the ‘Italian Dream’ just over a week out from the fight, due to a broken collarbone. A serious injury that would absolutely prevent Till from competing, but also one Vettori has since cast some doubt over.

“I was expecting him to show more. If I break my collarbone and I’m pulling out of a fight, I’m giving proof that I broke my collarbone,” Vettori explained to the assembled media during the promotion’s fight week media day (transcript via MMA Fighting), adding that he was “getting more suspicious by the day,” as to the severity of Till’s injury.

Unsurprisingly, the Liverpool born fighter didn’t take kindly to the insinuation that he might be somehow faking his affliction. Till took to Instagram shortly after Vettori’s statements went public, tearing into the middleweight top contender.

“If only you fucking knew what I went through this camp to get 2 fight you. Inside & outside the gym!” Till wrote on his social media account “Let’s have it right mate you were going to be my easiest fight, You are a walking punch bag who’s tough. Nothing more & nothing less.”

Till went on to admonish Vettori for not being happy for his spot atop the sport, and instead spending his time being “a hater.” He also promised to tag Vettori once he posted his x-rays for the injury. No word yet on how soon Till might return to action. In the meantime he’ll have to content himself with taunting Vettori from the sidelines.