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Jon Jones blasts Blachowicz’s ‘legendary polish tales’: Go build your own legacy first

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Jon Jones is not interested in Jan Blachowicz’s challenges.

UFC 232: Jon Jones v Alexander Gustafsson 2
Jon Jones celebrates a victory over Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 232.
Photo by Christian Petersen/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

It seems as though Jon Jones recently upped sticks form Albuquerque and moved right into MMA Limbo. There he waits, a man between fights, with a perfect match-up easy for all to see. However, with the UFC brass showing signs of stinginess, a fight between Jones and new UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou risks never being realized.

While Jones spars with the UFC, rather publicly, over pay there is a denizen from his previous turf (the UFC lightheavyweight division) who is searching for him. The current 205 lb champion Jan Blachowicz will tell anyone willing to listen that he is itching for a fight with ‘Bones’.

“Now I am the king of 205, but [Jones] can come back to 205,” he told RT Sport (ht MMA Fighting). “I can meet him at 205 or at heavyweight, I don’t care. I’m just waiting for the next fight, for the next decision. If the UFC gives me Jon Jones I would be happy. If not, I will be happy about my next opponent. I think my next opponent will be Glover Teixeira but we will see. But if Jon Jones, I think he will stay at heavyweight, but if he changes his mind, I’m waiting for him. No problem. ... We’ll see. But then he’s gonna meet me. I’m waiting for him. He promised me this fight after I knocked out Corey Anderson so I’m just waiting for him, but we’ll see.”

In addition to waiting for Jones at 205 lbs, Blachowicz said he would happily move up to heavyweight to face the consensus greatest light heavyweight of all time. “When I finish my career it’s gonna be at heavyweight. I like to eat, I like food. I don’t like cutting weight but I have to do this right now. But in the end of my career I will finish my career at heavyweight. And i would like to just try to fight against the bigger guys.”

While being occupied with trying to secure a Deontay Wilder style payout for a fight with Ngannou, Jones didn’t seem in the mood to entertain Blachowicz’s challenge for a fight in either of two weight-classes.

The notorious tweeter-and-deleter posted (per MMA Mania) that Blachowicz should focus on other things than him right now.

“Hey Jan, how about you build your own legacy without talking shit about me,” Jones wrote. “Go out, win 10 world titles and then parade yourself as some unbelievable fighter. Someone I ran away from. Just another option for you.

“I was so afraid of Jan that I went after Francis and Stipe, legendary polish tales.”