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UFC Vegas 25: Jonathan Pearce vs. Gabriel Benitez cancelled after Benitez weight miss

Benitez badly missed the featherweight limit.

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Gabriel Benitez missed weight for his UFC Vegas 25 fight, and Jonathan Pearce has no interest in meeting him at a catchweight.

Benitez came in at 150.5 lbs, well over the non-title featherweight limit of 146 lbs. Normally we see opponents accept catchweights as well as a portion of the offending fighter’s purse, and the UFC announced that the bout would proceed but with Benitez forfeiting 30% of his purse to Pearce. However, Pearce had other ideas.

“Unfortunately, my opponent came in almost 5lb overweight and our fight is off,” Pearce said on Instagram. “I did my part by showing up and making weight and I won’t reward him by accepting a fight and giving away any advantage. I’m trying to be smart about my career, and I hope to be back in the cage soon.”

This was Benitez’s return to featherweight after his last two fights were at 155 lbs. Unfortunately, for him his weight cut was as such that he might as well stay at lightweight instead.

Pearce was hoping to build on his TKO win over Kai Kamaka from last year, but that will have to wait a little longer. On the plus side he’ll get his show money.

UFC Vegas 25 will now have 11 fights, but it’s Friday evening so don’t be surprised if somehow that number is further reduced by fight night.