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‘Jon Jones first’, then Fury: Francis Ngannou accepts Tyson Fury’s challenge

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Francis Ngannou has his sights set on not one but two superfights.

Francis Ngannou isn’t one to back down from a challenge.

‘The Predator’ has WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury directly in his crosshairs after ‘The Gypsy King’ called him out on social media on Thursday.

“This is a message to Francis Ngannou and the UFC guys,” Fury said. “Look, you want some of this ‘Gypsy King’ money, you know where to come and find it. You want some of this Gypsy King power, I’ll give it ya. Anytime, anyplace, anywhere, seven days a week and twice on a Sunday.”

Ngannou has accepted Fury’s challenge but must first defend his UFC heavyweight title against Jon Jones, who vacated the light heavyweight title last year in a bid to compete at heavyweight.

“I’ll take care of [Jones] first then come after [Fury],” Ngannou wrote in response to Fury.

Ngannou is expected to fight Jones if the latter can come to an agreement with the UFC on fighter pay. UFC president Dana White, however, would prefer Derrick Lewis to be Ngannou’s first title challenger. Lewis beat Ngannou in a lackluster decision back in 2018 and, even though both fighters have moved on from that bout, there still isn’t much demand for a rematch.

As for Fury, the 32-year-old is growing increasingly pessimistic about his proposed title fight with Anthony Joshua as boxing promoter Bob Arum claims negotiations have come to a standstill.