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Drakkar Klose slowly recovering from concussion, calls Jeremy Stephens’ shove a ‘b-tch move’

“According to Dana White, that’s a savage move he did. No, that’s a bitch move,” Klose said.

Drakkar Klose has vented his anger at Jeremy Stephens’ for the shove that left him with a concussion and sprained neck.

Klose was forced out of his UFC Vegas 24 fight with Stephens last week as a result of the shove during their weigh-in stare off. The headaches that followed were a big worry for Klose, as he detailed while speaking on the What the Heck podcast.

“I’m doing a lot better,” Klose said. “My headaches stopped on Thursday leading into the weekend. That was my biggest concern was the headaches. They were pretty bad. Then I got an MRI on my neck, and I guess I have a herniated disc, so I’m just dealing with that now.

“I didn’t have headaches after I got knocked out by Beneil [Dariush]. I think, doing that weight cut, I only had like 10 ounces of water in me before we did the staredown, and I was still dehydrated. It’s just crazy how that whiplash can do that to you.”

UFC president Dana White later blamed matchmaker Sean Selby for missing the incident and labelled Stephens as a savage. Klose, who was not happy with White’s comments, wants to get revenge on Stephens for his actions.

“According to Dana White, that’s a savage move he did,” Klose said. “I had seen some interview and he was talking like, ‘Jeremy’s a savage’ – no, that’s a b-tch move. I believe I should’ve gotten paid both [win and show money], I came, I was being professional and I did everything possible. He f—ked it up, not me.

“But I was pissed off, man. That was a big opportunity to go in there and beat him up in a co-main event. And for people to think that I really wasn’t injured, that pisses me off. I kind of want to get street justice on him. If I see him, I swear, I’m gonna get him.”