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UFC 261 final fight stats: Kamaru Usman’s numbers among active welterweights are stunning

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In 14 fights with the UFC, Kamaru Usman has allowed zero takedowns and spent zero time in bottom position.

Kamaru Usman’s winning streak moved to 14 on Saturday at UFC 261 when he scored a phenomenal second-round knockout win over Jorge Masvidal. The stoppage, which earned Usman a “Performance of the Night” bonus, was the fourth successful defense of his welterweight crown. Three of Usman’s four title defenses have ended via knockout.

Usman has had his name mentioned as perhaps the greatest welterweight in UFC history. While the current 170-pound champion didn’t make that declaration himself, he said among active fighters he considers himself to be at the top of the heap.

“I just need to continue to do what I do and that’s dominate every individual,: Usman said at the UFC 261 post-fight press conference. “That’s my last three opponents and I’ve finished all three of them. I don’t worry about that. I take it a fight at a time.

“If people want to consider me the best, then they can. But as of right now, I do believe that right now I’m pound-for-pound, I am the best fighter on the planet.”

As for those active fighters, Usman has put his name on eight UFC welterweight records.

Kamaru Usman’s welterweight records - Active fighters

Stat Numbers
Stat Numbers
Win Streak 14
Title Fight Wins 5
Control Time 1:56:56
Control Time % 52%
Top Position % 34.30%
Bottom Position Time 0:00
Bottom Position % 0
Takedown Defense 100%

Usman’s win over Masvidal also put him within striking distance of the record for longest winning streak in UFC history. Former middleweight champion Anderson Silva holds that spot with 16 straight wins. Usman won his 14th consecutive fight with his victory over Masvidal.

Below are the final fight stats from the matchup between Usman and Masvidal, which served as the main event of UFC 261.

UFC 261 took place Saturday at VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida. The main card streamed on ESPN+ pay-per-view following prelims on ESPN and ESPN+ and early prelims on ESPN+ and UFC Fight Pass.

UFC 261 Final fight stats: Usman vs. Masvidal

Stats Kamaru Usman Jorge Masvidal
Stats Kamaru Usman Jorge Masvidal
Knockdowns 1 0
Sig. Strikes Landed 21 31
Total Strikes Landed 32 56
Sig. Strike Landing Percentage 52 59
Takedowns Landed 2 0
Submission Attempts 0 0
Sig Strikes Landed Head 15 13
Sig Strikes Landed Body 5 3
Sig Strikes Landed Leg 1 15
Sig Strikes Landed Distance 12 27
Sig Strikes Landed Clinch 0 0
Sig Strikes Landed Ground 9 4
Control Time 1:42 0:00