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Jimmy Crute releases statement after loss to Anthony Smith at UFC 261

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UFC light heavyweight Jimmy Crute has spoken about his loss to Anthony Smith at UFC 261. 

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Jimmy Crute saw his two-fight win streak snapped after suffering a first-round technical knockout loss to Anthony Smith at UFC 261 last Saturday night.

The light heavyweight prospect looked good in the opening round of the fight as he attacked the calf of Smith with kicks early on. Smith handled the kicks quite well and returned with stiff jabs that popped the head of Crute back several times.

Although he was having success with the jab, Smith incorporated his own calf kicks into the mix. One of those thrown during the final minute of the first round dropped Crute, who immediately went for a takedown and started landing shots to a now-grounded Smith. The pair would briefly return to their feet, but Crute again went for a takedown and ended the round on the mat.

As he got up and began walking to his corner, Crute was hobbling. His left leg continued to go out on him as he was being attended to by his cornermen, which prompted the ringside physician to come in and examine the leg injury. Crute was deemed unfit to continue and the fight was called off before the start of the second round.

Recently Crute took to social media to address the loss to Smith and provide an update to fans:

“I would have rather gone out on my shield,” wrote Crute. “Anyone that knows me knows I would have fought on. I’ve fought with one leg before and would have done it again. I wanted to bring the win home for Anzac Day more than anything. Guess it just wasn’t meant to be.

“[Anthony Smith] thank you for the opportunity brother,” continued Crute. “No one else in your position would have the balls to risk their spot in the rankings. They don’t call you the lionheart for no reason. This sport has the highest of highs and the lowest of lows and I don’t even know if it’s worth it sometimes that’s something I need to think about. Thank you for the messages of support. I wish I could reply to everyone. Just know that I’m fine just gutted.”

Prior to this loss, Crute earned two ‘Performance of the Night’ bonuses after submitting Michał Oleksiejczuk and knocking out Modestas Bukauskas at UFC on ESPN+ 26 and UFC on ESPN+ 38 respectively.