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‘I finish people, you get finished’ - Usman roasts Conor McGregor in response

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Conor McGregor also lobbied more steroid accusations.

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Shortly after Kamaru Usman impressively dispatched Jorge Masvidal for his fourth straight title defense, Conor McGregor somewhat predictably inserted himself into the conversation again.

Like he regularly does on big UFC events, McGregor tried to steal some of the spotlight from UFC 261 by claiming that the welterweight champion was simply “copying” his punches. He used the Poirier fight to illustrate him also throwing straight punches, but Usman was quick to point out that he badly lost that fight by TKO.

Like he did with Diaz earlier in the month, McGregor just again resorted to throwing even more unfounded steroid accusations.

Usman shrugged off his comments and brought up how McGregor already declined to fight him last year.

As Usman noted, McGregor has been finished in two of his last three bouts, and only has one win in almost five years. The former two-division champion is technically 2-1 at 170 lbs, although he’s only faced two career lightweights in that division in Nate Diaz and Donald Cerrone.

Usman, on the other hand, is unbeaten in six years with the UFC. The dominant welterweight titlist is 14-0 in the UFC, 19-1 overall, and has three finishes in his four title defenses.