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Dana White reacts to Kamaru Usman’s KO of Jorge Masvidal: ‘He’s one of the best ever’

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Dana White thinks Kamaru Usman deserves more recognition after his title defense at UFC 261.

Love him or hate him, Kamaru Usman is undeniably one of the greatest UFC fighters of all time.

Usman has faced criticism in the past of being ‘boring’ but, after last night’s highlight reel KO of UFC BMF champ Jorge Masvidal, ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ proved that he, too, is one of the ‘baddest motherf-ckers’ in the game.

White praised Usman for his knockout victory in the UFC 261 main event and hailed the reigning welterweight champ ‘one of the best ever’.

White told MMA Junkie:

“I think we can all agree. No matter how you feel, the guy is getting booed in there tonight, (but) he’s one of the best ever. He’s on his way to probably being the greatest of all time. I mean, the guy is an absolute stud. He looks better every time he comes out.”

“These people talk about him being boring. You’re an idiot. You’re an idiot if you think this guy is boring. He hasn’t been in a boring fight in a while. He changed after he gave that whole, ‘I only gave 30 percent tonight thing.’ He’s been a different human being ever since the (Rafael dos Anjos) fight.”

Usman now has four title defenses to his name and holds the record for the most wins in UFC welterweight history (14). He is expected to return to the octagon later this year to defend his welterweight title against Colby Covington, whom he previously beat in a 2019 Fight of the Year candidate at UFC 245.