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Video: Jake Paul shows his side of the Daniel Cormier confrontation from UFC 261

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Jake Paul trolled Daniel Cormier with a footage captured from his side of the guard rail at UFC 261.

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Some of the biggest crowd reactions from a UFC event with three title fights were reserved for one Jake Paul, the YouTuber turned 3-0 boxer who is excelling at trolling the combat sports world.

Last night the crowd serenaded Paul with ‘F-U’ chants, which Paul seemed to really enjoy. During the show Paul was also confronted by former UFC heavyweight and light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier, who was working commentary for the event.

This didn’t come out of nowhere. Shortly after he knocked out Ben Askren at Triller Fight Club last week Paul called out Cormier for a potential fight. Cormier responded saying a bout was not worth his time. And Paul of course fired back threatening to beat Cormier ‘like Stipe did’.

Fans in attendance were able to get some shots from distance of last night’s confrontation between the two, but this morning Paul released the close-up.

It’s hard to hear what goes down between them. On the broadcast Cormier mentioned that he pointed at Paul and said “‘Don’t play with me,’ because I’ll slap him in the face.”

I guess that’s the end of that...