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UFC 261 results: Kamaru Usman violently KO’s Jorge Masvidal in rematch to keep welterweight belt

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Kamaru Usman just violated Jorge Masvidal in the second round to keep his welterweight title in the UFC 261 main event.

Kamaru Usman walks away from a fallen Jorge Masvidal at UFC 261 in Jacksonville, Florida.
Kamaru Usman KOs Jorge Masvidal at UFC 261.
Photo by Alex Menendez/Getty Images

The top of the UFC 261 billing got a brutal knockout when the defending champion, Kamaru Usman, unleashed a ferocious right cross, followed by lethal hammerfists, that put BMF Jorge Masvidal to sleep in the second round. The hands of Usman seemed as potent as ever, and that right hand that dropped Jorge was a thing of beauty! Kamaru is looking unstoppable and just might rule for some time. Who could actually pose a threat to his crown?

Masvidal got to work with leg kicks to get things going, and Usman was jousting with his jab. The moment Masvidal threw a knee, Usman scooped up a takedown. The pro-Masvidal crowd instantly boo’d, until Jorge threw some mean elbows from his back. Masvidal worked back to his feet, but Usman briefly rocked him with a right hand. The BMF recovered and then fired back, landing a jump knee that seemed to get through just before the bell.

The second round saw the champion press forward behind his punches. Usman threw a missile of a right hand that hit the mark, causing Masvidal to drop to the canvas. A series of violent hammerfists came flying in to put Jorge out cold. WOW! Usman is only the second man to stop Masvidal with strikes and the first to clean KO him.

Kamaru Usman def. Jorge Masvidal by KO at 1:02 of round 2: Welterweight Title