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UFC 261 results: Anthony Smith leg kicks Jimmy Crute to score injury TKO

Anthony Smith utilized a brutal leg kick that resulted in an injury TKO over Jimmy Crute on the UFC 261 PPV main card.

The UFC 261 PPV main card kicked off (punt intended) in the light heavyweight division with former title challenger Anthony Smith landing the perfect leg kick to immobilize the #13 rated, Jimmy Crute, and earn an injury TKO in-between the first and second rounds. Crute was the fighter that was deploying the bulk of the calf kicks, but it was Smith who landed the more devastating blow. Smith seemed full of life out there, pre and post fight, and the #6 rated 205-pounder has now won back to back fights.

A bit of feeling out between the two went on to get things going. Crute went to the calf early with a kick, promoting a smile from his adversary. Smith started to pump his jab, jousting the face of Crute and snapping back his head. Crute returned a clean left hook that got Smith’s attention, and returned to his calf kick attack. Then in an incredible turn of events, Smith threw a calf kick and dropped Crute. That’s when the scrambles started. Crute did everything he could to stay off of his feet, and was able to make it out of the round.

Crute was having a foot issue from the leg kick. It seemed as if he lost feeling in it and struggled to make it back to the stool. The officials would not allow Crute to start the second round in that condition, and the fight was waved off.

Anthony Smith def. Jimmy Crute by TKO at 5:00 of round 1: Light Heavyweight