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KSW 60 preview: Narkun tries to be two-division champ in rematch with De Fries

Champion Phil De Fries fights to reign supreme at the top of the mountain this week.

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KSW 57 - Weigh-in Ceremony
De Fries did the unlikely to become heavyweight champ, and he defends his belt this week at KSW 60.
Photo by Foto Olimpik/NurPhoto via Getty Images

KSW 60 continues to make interdivisional matches that end up delivering, and they’ll be hoping that this weekend’s main event also hitting high marks.

Heavyweight champion Phil De Fries (19-6) attempts to beat back light heavyweight champion Tomaz Narkun (18-3), spoiling his dream of being dual champ. This will be a rematch of a prior bout from 2019 where De Fries won by decision. This time, they both hold gold, and Narkun will get more than just revenge with a win here.

Now, De Fries has that belt for a reason. Currently on a seven fight win streak (four of them ending in finishes), he’s faced some very tough opposition and come out on top. Narkun and De Fries have improved greatly since their previous encounter, and this should be a fun one between hard-hitting big boys.

Lightweight will also have its belt disputed when champion Marian Ziółkowski (22-8, 1 draw) defends his belt against Maciej Kazieczko (7-1). Marian just won the belt in his last fight, but Kazieczko is on a four-fight win streak and has four finishes.

Boxer Izuagbe Ugonoh (1-0) already started his transition to MMA and should be favored to shine on a bigger stage as he meets Marek Samociuk (2-1). Here’s a taste of what it is exactly that he brings to the table.

Hope you like them fancy preview productions, because we’ve got some.

De Fries vs Narkun:

Ziolkowski vs Kazieczko:

You can check out the weigh-ins right here:

Philip De Fries (264) vs. Tomasz Narkun (224)

Marian Ziolkowski (155) vs. Maciej Kazieczko (155)

Izuagbe Ugonoh (236) vs. Marek Samociuk (239)

Michal Sobiech (145) vs. Patryk Kaczmarczyk (146)

Aleksandar Ilic (186) vs. Adrian Dudek (186)

Krzysztof Klaczek (146) vs. Vojto Barborik (145)

Aleksandra Rola (116) vs. Karolina Wojcik (115)

Kacper Koziorzebski (176) vs. Ion Surdu (176)

Jakub Wiklacz (136) vs. Patryk Surdyn (136)

KSW 60: Narkun vs De Fries starts at 1:00pm EST this Saturday. The pay-per-view will be available for streaming via KSW’s media player or