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Arrest warrant issued for Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch in connection with the 2016’s Regency Hotel shooting

A gun attack on a boxing weigh-in show in 2016 is one of the more shocking events to occur during the Hutch-Kinahan gang war.

CCTV footage of armed man during Regency Hotel shooting in 2016.
One of the gunmen who attacked the Regency Hotel in Dublin.
Preamp Digital Media / YouTube

According to BBC News Irish authorities have secured a European arrest warrant for Gerry Hutch, 58. Hutch, who is nicknamed ‘The Monk’ thanks to an ascetic lifestyle he picked up in prison, is alleged to be the leader of the Hutch Gang, an organization that has been at war with the Kinahan Organized Crime Group (KOCG), aka the Kinahan Cartel, since 2015.

The warrant for Monk is in connection to the death of David Byrne who was killed when masked gunmen attacked an MGM boxing weigh-in show at Dublin’s Regency Hotel on February 5, 2016. MGM, a company founded by alleged KOCG leader Daniel Kinahan, would later become MTK Global; a leading power-broker in world boxing. Byrne was an alleged top lieutenant in the KOCG.

It is believed that Kinahan was the intended target of the attack and that the attack was retribution for a failed assassination attempt against Hutch that occurred in Lanzarote, Spain in 2015.

The Hutch-Kinahan feud began in 2015 when Gary Hutch, Hutch’s nephew, was executed by suspected Kinahan associates in Spain. Since then a number of Hutch family members have been murdered in Spain and Ireland.

Patrick Dowdall, 64, Paul Murphy, 59, and Jason Bonney, 57, are currently standing trial in Ireland on charges of helping to facilitate the Regency Hotel shooting. Dowdall is accused of securing a room for the gunmen inside the hotel. Murphy and Bonney are accused of providing the gunmen with access to vehicles. The identities of the gunmen remain unknown.

Hutch is believed to have a residence in Spain, but is also thought to have moved between a number of European countries in recent years.

Kinahan relocated to the United Arab Emirates after the Regency Hotel shooting. From the Middle East Kinahan has worked to elevate his status in boxing.

Despite MTK’s claims that Kinahan stopped working with the company around 2016, plenty of evidence exists that shows that Kinahan continues to advise various fighters on MTK Global’s roster.

Most notable among fighters who have worked with Kinahan is Tyson Fury, who publicly thanked Kinahan for negotiating his deal to fight Anthony Joshua this year.

Other MTK fighters who have associated with Kinahan include Billy Joe Saunders (who is due to face Canelo Alvarez this year), Michael Conlan, Carl Frampton and top ranked UFC fighter Darren Till.